Breast Sculpting: Get What’s Natural To You Versus Chasing A Celebrity’s Look

Breast sculpting  (potentially including breast implant, breast lift & breast augmentation)  is one of the most sought-after plastic surgeries in the world today. Although this procedure has always been popular among older women, nowadays, women of all ages are deciding on this procedure in an attempt to obtain that perfect look. A lot of this demand has come from the increasing social pressure to look like a particular celebrity or have a very particular body-type. While this can be very appealing, as a surgeon that always strives for the most natural results for my patients, it is also imperative to consider what the best look for your particular body might be versus just focusing on getting a particular pre-determined look.

Another reason for the increasing number of women doing breast augmentation is the realization that with modern technology and options, the procedure is much safer and can be uncomplicated if done correctly. So, if someone isn’t satisfied with their current cup size, then breast sculpting is definitely a procedure to consider. That said, before making a decision to have this procedure performed, it is very important to first understand the expectations of this procedure and any considerations you may not be aware of, which is where a board-certified plastic surgeon can help share some insight and answer questions. There are also some general things to consider prior to making the decision to have any procedure done that can help you in confirming your approach. I have highlighted a few of these considerations below.

  • It would be helpful for you to have a better understanding of the differences between the various ways breast sculpting can be performed including breast lifts, breast implants, a combination breast implant & lift, etc. This way you can better understand your options and confirm what procedure makes the most sense for your goals and your body.
  • Understand your situation and the actual results you are likely to have.
    • While a stunning body is generally considered desirable, some ladies are motivated by an unreasonable need to look like their favorite female celebrities.
    • This has resulted in many women trying to do something their body simply can’t do, resulting in damage being done to their bodies or having lasting regrets.
    • However, you can avoid all of that if you do things correctly. And the first step to doing it right is to have a candid conversation with yourself about why you need the operation and then have a conversation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who can help provide insight on what the actual results might look like for your body.

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  • Seek advice from those closest to you to obtain unbiased feedback.
    • It is essential to seek advice from friends, relatives, and medical professionals who understand the whole process of breast sculpting.
    • Ask them if there is another better way of achieving the results you want without exposing yourself to too much risk or something you might regret in the future.
    • A good doctor should be able to explain to you the procedure and the possible benefits and setbacks associated with it. That way, you can go into the operating room with a clear set of expectations.
  • Go to a board-certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience and a track record of good outcomes.
    • Remember that some of these breast augmentation procedures cause irreversible changes to your body.
    • If you choose the right surgeon, they should listen to your reasons for doing sculpting and advise you accordingly.
    • They should also not shy away from being candid about the expected results and any challenges that could arise due to your specific body type or goals for the procedure.
  • Be willing to listen and potentially understand that certain changes may or may not be ideal for your particular situation.
    • A good plastic surgeon should make suggestions on how to improve your breasts.
    • Make sure you listen to and heed your surgeon’s advice because it can be easy to think about what you may want but it is more difficult to know what the actual end-result is likely to be.
    • If your surgeon has a lot of experience, they have most-likely handled similar cases before and know what works best in various situations and can advise one way or another on things to consider.

With over 20 years’ experience, my main goal is to provide clear and informative expectations regarding the results each of my patients are after. If you have any questions regarding breast augmentations, breast lifts, breast implants & lifts, or any other breast-related procedure you would like to discuss, feel free to contact me today for a complimentary consultation.