Things to Consider Before Breast Reduction

If you are tired of your oversized breasts, you should consider having a breast reduction. Also referred to as reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction is a surgical procedure that helps to remove excess breast tissue and skin to give you the size of breasts proportionate to the rest of your body. This procedure also helps women to alleviate discomfort caused by oversized breasts. But before you book an appointment with your plastic surgeon, there are several important things you need to consider.

Do You Qualify for Breast Reduction?

Before any professional plastic surgeon gives you a date for breast reduction surgery, they should examine you to ascertain that you are the right candidate for the procedure. Most professional surgeons will not operate on you who have had a BMI of 25 or less for over two years. If you have tried a professionally fitted bra, seen a physiotherapist for back pain, you have redness or infection under your breasts. Basically, they will only agree to operate on your boobs only if you really need it.

Can You Bear the Pain?

For the first few days after breast reduction, you will experience soreness in your breasts. Although this pain is usually mild, some people find it to be quite uneasy. Therefore, you need to understand that the first few days of your recovery may be uncomfortable. Other patients complain about irritation of the scabbing on their scars. You might also experience the loss of nipple sensation and other breastfeeding problems. So, you have to ask yourself if this is the right time to have the surgery and if you are ready for this kind of discomfort.

Do You Have enough Time to Recover?

Since breast reduction is an extremely invasive procedure, you need to have when you have enough free time for a full recovery. In most cases, patients who undergo breast reduction require at least six weeks to recover. But your surgeon will advise you on the amount of time you need to recover. Apart from finding time, you will also need to find someone to look after you during the recovery process, especially if you live alone.

What Is Motivating You to Reduce Your Breasts?

Although some women are undergoing breast reduction for cosmetic purposes, this procedure is mainly designed for reducing back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by oversized breasts. By reducing the size of your heavy breasts, you will improve your quality of life and continue performing ordinary tasks without a problem.

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