Are There Practical Age Limits for Having a Facelift?

As we grow old, our faces start to show severe signs of aging and exhaustion, such as skin folds, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, turkey neck, and many more. Fortunately, a facelift procedure has proved to be a reliable way of reversing most of these signs and restoring a youthful appearance. Also referred to as rhytidectomy, a facelift is a surgical procedure designed to lift and tighten the sagging or drooping skin in your face and neck.

When you go for a facelift, your plastic surgeon will remove the excess, loose skin in your face and neck, sculpt and redistribute fat and the underlying tissue while tightening your skin to give you a smooth and relaxed facial appearance. But is there a specific age limit for having a facelift? Continue reading to learn more about age and facelift.

What’s the Age Limit for Having a Facelift?

First, you need to understand that everyone ages differently. Therefore, the age at which you decide to have a facelift is not the same as the age your brother or sister will choose. This means that there is no age limit for undergoing a facelift. However, your doctor can advise you to try other procedures like laser resurfacing, dermal filler, or volume restoration, depending on your age and the extent of deterioration.

For instance, a patient who is less than 30 years old doesn’t have to undergo the surgical facelift procedure because they can easily restore their youthful appearance through dermal fillers. However, a 50-year-old patient might have to undergo a full facelift to get rid of the sagging or drooping skin in their face and neck.

Factors that Determine When You Have a Facelift

It is also important to note that your genetics and lifestyle choices play a significant role in determining how you age. Therefore, sometimes young patients with excess drooping skin and deep wrinkles have to undergo a full facelift procedure to get the best results. Some people also want to compete with their younger colleagues at work, and so they choose to have a full facelift procedure.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

For your plastic surgeon to agree to perform a facelift on you, they have to ascertain that you are in good health, you do not smoke, or you’ve quit smoking for at least six months before the surgery, and you have the right amount of skin laxity. Therefore, choose a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon who will give you the right advice.