How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation

The number of women going for breast augmentation continues to rise by the day, with hundreds of thousands of young girls and grown women getting breast implants every day. While the ultimate goal of undergoing this procedure is to have attractive breasts, the reasons that compel women to do breast augmentation are many. For instance, some women choose to augment their breasts after losing weight, to make them bigger or smaller, after pregnancy, to make them asymmetrical and to boost their self-esteem. But regardless of the reasons why you want your breasts to be augmented, you need to prepare for this procedure.

Any qualified and experienced plastic surgeon knows that the success of any breast augmentation procedure largely depends on the preparation process. By preparing well, you reduce the risk of complications and revisions after the procedure. A good surgeon should make sure that their patient undergoes history and body examination to determine if they are in a position to undergo the breast augmentation procedure safely. It is also important for the surgeon to determine the patient’s blood count, beta HCG and coagulation panels. There are other important preparation steps that the patient is required to take before they undergo breast augmentation.

It is important that you develop a stable nutritional and physical fitness plan that you are willing to commit to for the best chance of success. Wild fluctuations in your body weight will prevent your body from becoming accustomed to its new, ideal form. The time after your procedure will be different for you and you want to have a well-established lifestyle that will support your physical changes.

Firstly, there are certain arrangements you need to make prior to making the trip to the plastic surgeon. For instance, you will need to find a friend or relative to drive you after the surgery. It is forbidden to drive a car immediately after the surgery because you are still experiencing the effects of anesthesia. It is also important to have someone stay with you for at least a day after the surgery. If you have children or pets, you will have to arrange for their care while you are gone.

Secondly, you need to have a few items on hand, including antibacterial soap, laxative and stool softeners, pick-up tool, comfortable robe, comfortable shirts and blouses, and the right food to help you heal. You will also have to make certain lifestyle changes a few weeks before the breast surgery. For instance, you are required to avoid alcohol, cigarettes, aspirin, ibuprofen and herbal supplements. Alcohol has been found to make the blood thinner, which prolongs healing and increases bruising. Smoking also prolongs the recovery process. On the day of the surgery, you wash your body with antibacterial soap and wear loose, comfortable clothing. Do not wear jewelry or contact lenses during surgery.