How Your Look Can Change Over Time After a Facelift

Cosmetic surgery has become so widely accepted that even popular procedures can become mired in misinformation. A facelift, for example, is a popular cosmetic procedure designed to restore a youthful appearance. The concept is straightforward. The surgeon makes an incision along the hairline and skin and muscles. Then, skin and muscles are lifted up and back to tighten up the facial structures. But the question that most people ask is: What happens to my face after a facelift? Are the changes are instant?

You Need Time to Heal First

After the procedure, you will likely experience some uneasiness and tenderness in your face. This discomfort is quickly relieved with common medications. Also, you might develop swelling and bruises for up to two days after the facelift. This is normal and can persist for several days. Full recovery from a facelift procedure takes about two weeks, depending on the type of procedure you choose. Your doctor removes the stitches around ten days after the surgery. At that point, you step into the second phase of healing. During the next four weeks, you should not resume any vigorous activities. Every patient heals differently, and therefore the results vary with each patient. Some people will feel quite good five days after the surgery, while others can take weeks.

The big question now becomes, “When will I start to see the results of their facelift surgery?” While full recovery from this procedure takes several months, some people can confidently go out in public by the end of the second or third week. Some plastic surgery experts claim that the final results become fully visible after twelve months! A facelift procedure reshapes different parts of your face, especially the lower half, by getting rid of excessive facial skin. One of the most common facelift procedures is rhytidectomy, which tightens loose and hanging skin on the jawline (jowls).

It also removes deep wrinkles, sagging skin, and excess fat around the mouth, nose, chin, and neck. Through this cosmetic procedure, you will be able to tighten underlying tissues to enhance your forehead, eyelids, eyebrows, and cheeks. With the “like new” skin, your face will look smoother, younger, and shapelier. The good thing about this procedure is that it augments your facial appearance more profoundly than other treatments. Consequently, you will enjoy these benefits for many years. Of course, you have to take into account other factors that affect your aging. Climate, exposure to the sun, diet are all contributing factors.

Patience is a Virtue

Being patient with your healing will pay big dividends in the future. Make sure you know going in that you can continue to see reshaping and refinement over time. So relax and enjoy your rejuvenated look. You deserve it.