Is Massage Necessary After Breast Augmentation?

Is Massage Necessary After Breast Augmentation?

By: Dr. John Alspaugh, Board-Certified Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

Patients often wonder whether they need to massage their breasts after an augmentation to protect or better their surgical results.

As there are, in my opinion, little in the way of fantastic studies document the medical benefit of it, my attitude is quite relaxed towards exercises.  I continue to offer it as an option for my breast augmentation patients, though it is certainly not appropriate for patients with textured implants.

In the future, Alspaugh Surgery would like to see a well-done study documenting its protective effects in respect to the complication of capsular contracture.  Capsular contractures are the complication whereby the natural scar that forms around the breast implant, which we call a capsule, begins to shrink overtime for reasons that we do not fully understand.  This produces an unnatural appearance of the breast and can become so tight as to be uncomfortable.

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