Lose Weight Before a Breast Reduction

Although most people think about altering breast size by augmentation, many women dream of how much easier their lives would be if they were smaller. Last year, more than 100,000 women had breast reductions. There are many reasons women choose a breast reduction

  • Back pain
  • General unwieldy feeling
  • Difficulty with clothes
  • Difficulty with exercising and outdoor activities

Almost all surgeons counsel their patients to lost weight before one of these procedures. And let’s be clear. Doctors recommend weight lose by making permanent lifestyle changes. That means no crash dieting or fad weight loss programs that have poor long-term maintainability. You have to make a commitment to creating and maintaining a new body style. With that out of the way, here are great reasons to lose weight before a breast reduction procedure.

A Breast Lift Might Be All You Need

You might not need a full reduction procedure if you lose weight first. Perhaps just a breast lift. Most women see their breasts get smaller proportionately to the amount of weight they lose. So, if your weight loss is significant, a less radical option like a breast lift might be just the ticket to match your new body shape.

The Order of Things Matters

If you decide you still want a reduction, it will be easier to choose your breast size to match your new body style. Once you’ve settled into a trimmer look, you and your doctor can choose your ideal breast size much more accurately. It’s like a great outfit. All the pieces come together to look exactly the way they should.

You May Sabotage Your Breast Reduction

If you get a reduction first then lose weight, your breasts may lose their shape. If you just lose a litte, this might not be an issue. But, if you end up losing a lot of weight, you may lose the breast shape you gained in the reduction. Remember, if you lose weight first, it’s much easier to match your ideal bust size to your new body shape.

There’s No Free Lunch

Keep in mind, you can get your former larger breast back if you regain your weight. This is why it is so important to decide on weight loss that brings you to a natural state. If you can’t maintain your healthy lifestyle, you might undo all the planning and work you’ve already put in.