Our Mommy Makeover: A Comprehensive Approach to Looking Great

Deciding on the kinds of cosmetic body work you want requires great research. Not an easy task as the options can be overwhelming. But, by getting accurate information about what you should expect, your options become clear. The big takeaway is that many doctors advertise that they are experts but results speak for themselves. We feel that a comprehensive transformative plan is better than getting individual procedures over time. Here’s why.

Planning Your Mommy Makeover
Weigh your options carefully and research what will benefit your specific needs the most.

It’s possible to do piecemeal

When we look at the parts of our body we want to improve, it is easy to have concerns over “overdoing it”. It might be tempting to dip your toes in the water and see how it goes. For some, this may be a valid approach. Perhaps you just need a specific issue dealt with. In that case, we are happy to help you plan your procedure and get you back in the game as soon as possible. But what if you’ve decided that, after the kids have come, you would like to make significant changes? Is it best to do things step by step or get it all done at once?

A Comprehensive approach benefits you

The advantages of making a comprehensive plan like a Mommy Makeover are compelling. The biggest factor in our opinion is that there is just one recovery. All procedures have recovery time regardless of how minor they might be. Unless the procedures are really extensive and need to be done at separate times, having just one recovery period and having things over with is an attractive option. Another important factor is designing the way you want holistically. When you take your entire look into account in one shot, the procedures are done with your body in its current state. This is quite different from performing procedure after procedure where each one has your body in a slightly different state that at the time of the previous one.

After Mommy Makeover
A comprehensive plan helps you get back to your life.

Recovery is an important phase in the plan

Although recovery from a comprehensive set of procedures is longer and more detailed than a piecemeal plan, it’s also just one recovery period. Recovery is well detailed and easy to follow. It’s really just a matter of discipline. We feel you will thank yourself for choosing a single procedure/recovery cycle. Multiple recovery periods are exhausting. You might even decide to put off parts of multiple procedures after your first. This opens the door for regret if you decide to do the procedure later and end up having to have a more complex treatment.

Talk with an expert

Your best option is to speak with Dr. Alspaugh and find out the best strategy for you. Once you see the expertise and experience of the team, we are confident you will be able to select whatever option is best for you.