Silicone or Saline, Which Is Better?

Over 10 years ago, the plastic surgery world introduced silicone gel implants for general use after the FDA added their seal of approval. Since that time, implants have been available for breast reconstructions to women all over the world, with many improvements along the way. Now, we can offer patients both silicone gel implants and saline implants.

The saline implant is the older technology and less utilized by the patients as a consequence of a texture which is less breast-like than people hoped for.

The new saline implant on the market, called the Ideal Implant, had been developed in response to the shortfalls of the saline implant. The silicone implant introduced more natural breast shapes, and have a longer duration than the saline, which was losing the effect of the augmentation almost overnight. Like other technologies, there has been frequent iterations to the different types of silicone gel implants available. Now, they now come with smooth and textured surfaces. They can be either round or anatomically shaped, for the natural bust look. They also have a silicone material that fills in with a gelatinous texture, some people compare the feel to a Gummy Bear.

The silicone technology allows us to offer more options in choosing the implant that will be most appropriate for any specific patient’s needs. They also provide better options in working with different body types and ages.

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