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Mommy Makeover Overview

Mommy Makeovers are groups of common plastic surgery procedures done at the same time to create a dramatically new look with just one surgery. The term ‘Mommy Makeover’ is an easy way to describe what this surgery does and who it is for. Motherhood is richly rewarding but can come at a cost to a woman’s body. Having children and living with the changes to your body isn’t your only option anymore!

A Customized Treatment Plan

For those individuals looking to correct the look of their body, breasts or face, Dr. Alspaugh offers each patient a customizable treatment plan that allows every person to feel comfortable with their decision. These elective surgeries are not a one size fits all procedure, and there are many options to consider. Dr. Alspaugh and his office staff will work with you to create a plan of action that looks the most natural for you.

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Choosing A Mommy Makeover Procedure

A Mommy Makeover procedure is very unique to the individual and comes in different forms, depending on what result is desired. A typical Mommy Makeover will have a few common elements – Breast lift or augmentation and a tummy tuck. Optionally, many women also opt in for more work during this time, but any additional procedures should be discussed with your doctor during a consultation to see what would be the best options for you. In short, a Mommy Makeover is all about YOU and your goals.

Mommy Makeover Costs

According to, the average cost of a Mommy Makeover is ~12,500, according to 2019 self-survey statistics from RealSelf members. Mommy Makeover costs can vary widely, depending on the specific combination of procedures, as well as other costs like anesthesia fees, surgery facility fees, prescriptions and surgeon’s fees. The average Mommy Makeover cost includes a breast lift and a tummy tuck.
When choosing a surgeon in Virginia Beach for a Mommy Makeover, remember that a choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon is just as important as the cost of the surgery, as the quality of the procedure matters greatly.

Mommy Makeover Recovery

A mommy makeover surgery recovery can last 6-12 weeks, with general anesthesia wearing off after a few days. You will likely have post-surgery instructions to follow, given to you by your doctor. Follow these instructions carefully to minimize downtime and post-surgery pain. Avoid all heavy lifting during this time and generally give yourself a few weeks to recover.

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