What Are The Benefits Of Breast Reduction And Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

What Are The Benefits Of Breast Reduction And Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

By: Dr. John Alspaugh, Board-Certified Virginia Beach Plastic Surgeon

Women with large breasts oftentimes complain of pain in the upper central portion of the back, shoulders, neck; rashes related to skin-on-skin contact beneath the breasts, and many other complaints.

For these women, breast reduction is very effective in relieving these concerns.  After the procedure, many patients note that they wish they had done it years before.

Whether for purely aesthetic purposes or to reduce pain or discomfort, every woman who has large breasts may be a candidate for breast reduction. There have been noted benefits from small reductions and sometimes reductions of several pounds per side.

What is important to know is that insurance companies typically are interested in supporting breast reductions that are associated with larger amounts of tissue resection (reduction) and often require some documentation. This could include medically appropriate records of chiropractic car or physical therapy used to relieve back, shoulder and neck pain that occurs as a result of large breasts.  For women looking for more modest change, insurance companies will sometimes choose not to cover such procedures.

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