What Can a Tummy Tuck NOT Do?

Losing the fat around your midsection is not an easy task because it is one of the main areas where excess body fat is usually stored. Sometimes even the most rigorous workout programs and weight-loss diet plans don’t work. This leaves with only one option, undergoing a tummy tuck.

Also referred to as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck procedure will help you sculpt your waistline and smooth your stomach, allowing you to reclaim your youthful and curvy waistline. This procedure also helps to strengthen and tighten weakened abdominal muscles, guaranteeing you long-term results. However, you need to be realistic in your expectations because there are many things that a tummy tuck won’t help you achieve. Continue reading to know what a tummy tuck won’t do.

Preventing Future Weight Gain

While a tummy tuck procedure will help you reclaim your youthful body, it won’t prevent you from piling on excess weight, depending on your lifestyle choices. For instance, if you become pregnant in the future, a tummy tuck procedure will not stop your body from depositing extra fat in your abdominal region. And neither will it prevent you from adding weight if you fail to exercise. Therefore, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle even after undergoing a tummy tuck procedure to retain your youthful waistline.

Remove All Stretch Marks

Although a tummy tuck procedure can effectively tighten and strengthen your abdominal skin and the underlying tissues, it cannot remove most stretch marks from your skin. Stretch marks normally occur when your skin cannot accommodate the rapid growth of the muscles and other underlying tissues. So, the skin ends up getting torn at a deeper level. Therefore, the only stretch marks that a tummy tuck can help you get rid of are the ones on the excised skin (normally within the navel area).

Affecting Your Future Pregnancies

One of the primary concerns that women have when going for a tummy tuck is whether the procedure will affect their future pregnancies. Nothing happens during the surgery that will prevent you from carrying a pregnancy successfully to a full term. However, the procedure won’t prevent excess fat from forming around your abdomen during and after pregnancy. Therefore, it’s advisable to have tummy tuck surgery after the pregnancy. This guarantees you the longevity of the results. Also, choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon for this procedure to avoid future complications.