What Goes Into A Breast Implant Replacement?

Replacing implants can be an exceptionally easy procedure. While breast augmentation may require weeks of recovery time, a replacement typically has recovery measured in hours and days.  For a patient who is staying with an implant of similar size, minimal additional surgery needs to be done.  Even for someone who has chosen a somewhat larger size, it also should have very little in the way of recovery.

The real challenge comes with the patient who wants to go smaller.  After an implant has been placed, the body responds by producing a layer of collagen around the implants that is called a capsule.  Think of the capsule as somewhat of an internal bra that controls the position of the implant; if you put in a significantly smaller implant, you are essentially doing the same as buying a bra that is much too large for you.  The implant will sit in the lower and outer aspect of the breast producing little fullness to the area of cleavage or what we call the upper pole of the breast (the upper part that is more visible in low-cut dresses, bathing suits, etc.).  There are always options to manipulate the capsule to control this, though I find that this process can be challenging and sometimes expensive.

If you are interested in replacing your implants, give our office a call to schedule your consultation and discuss your options.