Rhinoplasty Surgery in Virginia Beach

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Rhinoplasty Overview

The science of cosmetic nose surgery is changing rapidly. Also known as the Rhinoplasty, Dr. Alspaugh offers the most modern, least invasive methods to improve the nasal appearance, smoothing out your nasal ridge, or reconstructing a nasal passage to allow the freer flow of air through the nose. Whatever the reason is for the rhinoplasty, Dr. Alspaugh has seen it. Our team carefully tailors each rhinoplasty procedure to both the patient’s needs and goals. When your results equal expectations, we have achieved our goals.

A Customized Treatment Plan

For those individuals looking to correct the look of their body, breasts or face, Dr. Alspaugh offers each patient a customizable treatment plan that allows every person to feel comfortable with their decision. These elective surgeries are not a one size fits all procedure, and there are many options to consider. Dr. Alspaugh and his office staff will work with you to create a plan of action that looks the most natural for you.

Looking For Real Examples?

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Choosing A Rhinoplasty Procedure

A Rhinoplasty, coloquially known as a ‘nose job’, aims to improve the profile of the nose, both for aesthetic reasons and for functional, such as making the nasal passage larger for easier breathing. Often, patients will want a small ridge on their nose smoothed out, and for this reason, rhinoplasty surgery and results varies greatly from person to person. Overall, patients report improvements in form and function after a nose job surger.

Rhinoplasty Cost

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the “average cost of a rhinoplasty is ~$5,300”, according to 2018 statistics by the ASPS. The cost range can vary widely, based on the type of nose job performed, the location, surgeon’s level of expertise and operating costs like anesthesia & surgery room fees. On occasion, a rhinoplasty may be covered by insurance if a medical professional determines the airway is significantly obstructed. Consult with your insurance company on all fees before relying on this payment method.

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